Hair Growth Re-Activator

Supports hair growth while strengthening fragile hair by supplying the scalp with needed nutrition.


Key Benefits

  •  Boosts hair growth in density and quality way.

  •  Stimulates the delivery of IGF-1.

  •  Promotes the growth of Dermal Papilla Cells.

  •  Stimulates bulb micro-circulation and nutrition.

  •  Delays the hair loss and strengthens.

  •  Activates the hair follicle regeneration.

About the Product

Prevent and reduce hair loss, hair growth stimulation, hair re-densification, hair nourishing and strengthening treatments for fragile/weak/lacking volume  hair  types. Strengthen hair with daily, leave-in serum formulated with a clinically proven formula to nourish follicles and boost regrowth.

Key Ingredients

Pelvetia canaliculata, Curcuma Longa(Turmeric) Rhizome Extract, Green Caffeine - from Coffee Beans ®, Minoxidil, Phyllanthus Emblica Fruit (Indian Gooseberry), Horsetail Kelp, Green Caffeine, Rhodophyta (Red Algae), Laminaria Digitata(Horsetail Kelp), Brahmi(Centella asiatica), Shikakai (Thyme Leaves)

A bio-inspired association of natural sugars mainly from wood and from the brown algae, Pelvetia canaliculata, Curcuma Longa (Turmeric) Rhizome Extract, Green Caffeine - from Coffee Beans ®, Tea Leaves(Camellia Cinensis), Minoxidil promote hair growth, hair pigmentation strengthen hair roots, gives shine, and prevents premature graying of hair. CAPILIA LONGA PPA, Phyllanthus Emblica Fruit (Indian Gooseberry), Horsetail Kelp, Green Caffeine, complex increases cell activity and promotes the growth of thicker, revitalized hair.

  • SHIKAKAI (Thyme Leaves): Being a natural conditioner for hair, Shikakai strengthens hair roots and promotes luxuriant growth. It clears dandruff and cleans the dirt accumulated in the scalp. Shikakai acts as a natural astringent for hair enhancing as it consists of binding properties.

  • CURCUMA LONGA(Turmeric): CAPILIA LONGA  PPF is the concentrated secretome of totipotent cells from  Curcuma  longa  rhizome. This  secretome  is  rich  in  signaling peptides specially designed to create the optimal micro-environment to Re-Activate the hair growth.

  • BRAHMI (Centella asiatica / GOTU KOLA): Chronic problems with hair. Hair loss, hair thinning, premature graying. Strengthens the hair roots, thus controlling hair thinning and hair loss. Regular use leads to control of premature graying. When massaged on the scalp, the product clears dandruff.

  • PELVETIA CANALICULATA:  The colors of seaweed are determined by the photosynthetic pigments including chlorophylls, phyco-biliproteins, xanthophylls and carotenoids.  Seaweeds also have compounds such as mycosporine-like amino acids that protect them from ultraviolet light too.

  • RHODOPHYTA (Red Algae): Red Algae,Seaweeds extract contains  high quantities of sulfated Polysaccharides, peptides,carotenoids, and fatty acids. The red "algae" presence of the pigment phycoerythrin. The major application lies in producing the anti-wrinkling and skin whitener products.

  • LAMINARIA DIGITATA (Horsetail Kelp): dark brown seaweed. Tangleweed much like Fucus Serratus, this product contains an amazing abundance of minerals.Marvellous anti-inflammatory properties protect the skin from the anti-pollution & help plump the skin  reducing the signs of aging.


  • Apply one mL 2 times a day directly onto the scalp of the hair loss area.

  •  Continued use is necessary, or hair loss will begin again. Avoid touching the eyes.