Lifting Amplifier F∙A∙C Retexturizing Activator

The Age Protection lifting intensive treatment specifically formulated to improve the creping, thinning appearance of mature skin. Proven to significantly improve skin's elasticity, reshapes, lifts, and defines the skin to reduce visible signs of aging.



Key Benefits

  • Stimulates collagen synthesis and skin renewal.

  • Works to lift and recontour skin.

  • Helps to improve firmness, elasticity and definition.

  • Visibly  reinforces to plumps skin.

  • Hydrates, lifts, smoothes, firms, retexturizes.

  • Moisturizes for younger-looking skin.

Research Results:

In an independent consumer study on 45 women over 8 weeks:

  • 97% answered their skin looked lifted.

  • 94% answered face appeared slimmer.

  • 95% answered contours look more defined.

  • 85% felt an instant tightening sensation.

  • 95% felt skin was immediately energized and smooth.

About the Product

The Lifting Amplifier infuses collagen and botanical extracts to lift facial contours by visibly recontouring, re-firming, and re-plumping the aging skin while diminishing fine lines and wrinkles which leaves the skin feeling more rejuvenated and smoother. It globally helps to restructure and reinforce the conjunctive tissue, collagen and elastin fibers for a strong dermal matrix. The powers of Marine Collagen, Elastenna Marine, and DMAE combine to impart a nourished, hydrated, glowing complexion. The skin tightening effect of DMAE is due to a stimulation of fibroblasts. DMAE has also antiradical activity and it avoids the protein cross-linking (collagen and elastin).

Key Ingredients

  • DMAE: Skin tightening effect, combine to impart a nourished, glowing complexion.

  • PLANT-BASED STEM CELL: Reduces wrinkles and produce an extreme face lifting through the skin tightening effect.


  • Pour into your hand and gently pat the intensive treatment into skin until it is fully absorbed.

  • Use it twice a day, after cleansing and toning, to prep skin for your serum and moisturizer.