Orchistem™ [ORCHID,Phalaenopsis]

Eleven phenolic compounds identified, namely,protocatechuic acid, p-hydroxybenzoic acid, vanillic acid, caffeic acid, syringic acid, vanillin,
ferulic acid, sinapic acid, p-coumaric acid, benzoic acid, and ellagic acid. Ferulic, p-coumaric and sinapic acids were concentrated largely in the roots.


Orchistem ™ improve firmness, elasticity, and revives
the complexion with a youthful, looking glow

- Improves cell communication between skin stem cells and fibroblasts.
- Lifting and contouring effect. Redefines facial oval.
- Lifting on the sagging of upper eyelids: opens the eyes
- Improves firmness, elasticity, glow and luminosity.

Orchistem™, tackles the signs of ageing, to lift and firm skin, fight wrinkles, and give back a glowing radiance

Orchistem™ activates communication between adipose derived stem cells and
fibroblasts to relaunch their rejuvenating activity.

Growth Factors: substances that stimulate cell growth,
differentiation, survival and tissue repair.

Orchistem™ Lifting Essence improves firmness and elasticity, and revives the
complexion with a youthful looking glow.

IN VIVO 2 / Clinical evaluation of eyelid lifting and wrinkles (after 56 days)